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To get the right color of paint that matches the color of your 1995 Honda Civic you will first need to get the paint code for your Civic.
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if assistance is needed locating where the paint code is located on your Honda Civic.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
B63P, B63P-3 Harvard Blue Pearl
B63P-4 Harvard Blue Pearl
B63P-5 Harvard Blue Pearl
BG31P-2 Malachite Green Pearl
BG33P-4 Paradise Green Pearl
BG33P-5 Paradise Green Pearl
G71P-2 Isle Green Pearl
NH0 Championship White
NH503P-4 Granada Black Pearl
NH503P-5 Granada Black Pearl
NH538 Frost White
NH538-4 Frost White
NH538-5 Frost White
NH561P Phantom Gray Pearl
NH561P-4 Phantom Gray Pearl
NH561P-5 Phantom Gray Pearl
PB73P Midnight Purple Pearl
R72P Torino Red Pearl
R81 Milano Red
R81-4 Milano Red
R81-5 Milano Red
R86P-5 Camellia Red Pearl
RP21M Horizon Gray Metallic
RP21M-4 Horizon Gray Metallic
RP21M-5 Horizon Gray Metallic

Make sure you confirm the paint code for your 1995 Honda Civic Touch Up Paint before buying touch up paint. A mistake some make is assuming they know their color code. Each model year colors and codes may slightly change. At times colors that look to be the same shade on a computer screen will be different in natural light. The color chip shades shown on this site are approximations only. Always rely on your color code.

The vehicle identification number "VIN" is not your Honda color code. Use the link above if you require assistance finding your Civic color paint code.

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